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Hey, I’m Yugen, the guy behind this blog, an SEO & a blogger and a wizard.

I kid, the beard is fake…

Anyways, I have built several niche sites these past 5 years, grew them with SEO and then flip them for profit.

Here’s a recent site I started a few months ago in organic traffic.

search traffic screenshot

What Blogging Acclerator is about?

If you’ve ever wondered,

– How do I grow my blog?– How should I start my blog?– What do I need for my blog?– How do I increase my income?– How can I monetize my niche?– etc.

Then you’re in the right place.

Blogging Accelerator is where you bloggers become winners.

Here I give you advice on how to get more traffic to your blog, how to start your blog the right way and more!

But why should I listen to you, you ask?

You don’t have to, you can listen to a client I worked with before.